English Course Careers

One of the most versatile degrees you can earn at a college or university is an English degree. English courses emphasize critical thinking, literary analysis, and writing skills.

You can use that training to open doors to many fulfilling careers, including some that you might not expect.
The following are just some career paths that can start with English courses:

  • Journalism
    English courses not only teach you to organize information, but also teach you to write clearly and concisely. Many newspaper, magazine, and other media employers consider an English degree foundational for jobs such as reporting, editing, copyrighting, and technical writing.
  • Teaching
    Most schools now require teachers to have a degree in a specific subject, in addition to basic education courses. An English degree can allow you to teach not only English, but journalism, creative writing, yearbook, and drama courses.
  • Technical Writing
    Some fields such as medicine, information technology, and engineering require highly specific writing skills. Many colleges are now including English courses to train students in these types of writing as part of their English degree programs.
  • Research
    Conducting research requires many skills, such as critical analysis and precise writing, learned in English courses. Pairing English courses with a science-based degree is one of the best ways to land a coveted research position.
  • Creative Writing
    Reading and writing about the world’s best literature—the backbone of an English degree—is one of the best ways to learn to write well. Many English programs also offer creative writing courses, which can jumpstart a career as an author.
  • English Course Careers
  • Publicity/Advertising
    Publicists and advertising executives make their living by writing about people and products. More schools are adding English courses to teach students highly specialized writing skills such as these. Even without specific training, you can often break into these fields with a basic English degree.
  • Legal Careers
    Few people know that law schools accept a high number of applicants with English degrees. These graduates know how to critically analyze texts and write clearly and concisely—skills necessary to succeed in law school and in legal careers.

Gone are the days when an English degree only meant that you could only be an English teacher. Today, English courses can help you become a lawyer, a publicist, or even a researcher. With so many employers viewing English courses as good preparation for the workplace, do not overlook the value of studying English as a means of obtaining your dream job.


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